Visual Memoir – Your Art, Your Story
with Melanie Zucker Stanley

Suggested Materials:

Purchase from Michaels or AC Moore: use 40% coupons!
I prefer Michaels who carries everything w great prices and coupon deals.

• 1 spiral drawing notebook- blank pages.
Instructor recommendation:
Canson Mix Media XL Series (light blue cover) with 98 lb paper. Size 9 by 12 Found at Michaels - use coupons!

• Liquitex or Basics tube paints in primary colors (and black) and other colors that make your heart sing! Ultramarine blue and burnt sienna!

• Size 6, 8, 10, and 12 round brushes, Simply Simmons or Robert Simmons at Michaels…very inexpensive! One large brush, two inches…inexpensive! One flat brush (one inch…inexpensive.

• “Yes! Paste” 1 pint Ask if you cannot find it. Located in glues section.

• 1 each: 2B and 4B drawing pencils with kneadable eraser and small sharpener. 6B is also nice to have.

• Several BLACK Micron (archival ink) pens. Instructor recommends buying the set of black micron pens and using a 40% coupon!

• White Gesso: Liquitex, Basics Acrylic Gesso works well/not costly.

• 1 bottle of matte medium or glazing medium (or one of each small bottles)

• 2 Small spritzer bottles (to spritz water and alcohol)

• Some Sharpie permanent markers/thick points…get colors you love!

• 1 roll of ½ inch painters tape (Home Depot- blue tape is good/cheap

• 1 palette knife: 2 to 3 inches (more sizes/shapes if you like)

• One or 2 canvases and 140lb watercolor or acrylic paper from Michaels or AC Moore. Buy after class starts!! Instructor will discuss in detail.

• Come to class to talk about brushes and other items you might want to purchase in the future as the class progresses. Student needs vary as they learn more and develop their own artistic voice and style.

Things to bring from HOME:
• White paper plates (wax coated) for palettes and glue stick and scissors
• Paper towels
• One (or 2) plastic knife
• One old plastic credit card/Starbucks/grocery card
• Glue stick
• Scissors
• Several old newspaper sections and Tissue paper from former gifts
• Apron or clothing you don’t mind getting paint on

IMPORTANT! Bring personal photos, interesting paper and fabric scraps, etc. for collage, memoir work, and mixed media artwork. Choose photos that reflect the writing/memoirs you hope to work on during this session.

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