Painting in Oil
with Kurt Schwarz

No supplies needed for the first class.

Suggested Materials:

For beginners: If you can’t buy all of these, try to get those marked *
(you can get cheaper brands)
* alizarin crimson U or G
permanent rose A
cad. red deep W
* cad. scarlet (cad. red light) W
cad. orange U or W
* cad. yellow W
cad. lemon W
* indian yellow W
cad. green pale W
* viridian U or W
phtalo green U or G
cerulean blue W
cobalt blue W
* ultramarine blue U or G
dioxizane purple A
* raw umber A
perylene red G
* Cremnitz or flake white W (titanium white works)
U = Utrecht, W = Windsor & Newton, G=Gamblin, A = any brand

Canvas: Please come to class with a canvas or board which has been toned with oil or acrylic paint (raw umber, flake white and a little ultramarine, mixed with turp.) to a mid-value and has had sufficient time to dry. (This can take up to a week if you use titanium white. I suggest using flake white and raw umber which will dry overnight.)

Brushes: I use Robert Simmons Signet brand hog bristle filberts and Escoda or DaVinci brand pure red sablel filberts in as many different sizes as possible.

Turpentine: I use odorless mineral spirits. Blue turpenoid or Gamsol is the best. Please do not bring regular turpentine to class. The fumes are too overpowering.

Other: Blue Shop Towels or other absorbent Paper Towels, Wooden or Glass Palette, Palette Box (those white and blue plastic boxes you can find at Michaels) optional.

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