Catherine Hillis, WATERCOLOR SUPPLY LIST, 2010- 2011
For Plein Aire Painters See the list below for Adjustments  

There is no substitute for good quality paper and paint.

Please feel free to use any supplies that you already have!  There is no need to purchase new supplies:  These are recommendations only.

Watercolor Paper: Arches, Artistico or Richeson 140 lb. cold-pressed paper , a board (to attach your paper to), and plain masking tape (for mounting paper to the board)
One good quality watercolor “block” (Arches, Artistico, or Richeson brand, 140 lb, cold pressed, 11” x 14 ” or larger)

Accessories: Water container, paper towels, pencil and kneaded eraser, a small spray bottle for water

Palette: The Richeson Covered Palette, the Stephen Quiller Palette or the Robert Woods Palette.

Brushes: One  #8 or #9 or #10 or #12  round brush
One 1” flat; one 2” wash brush
Any fine brushes that you like for detail work (riggers, or fine round tip brushes) has economical brushes. I recommend the small rounds (#6 and lower) and the flats, but not the larger rounds.  Your discount code is:  HILLIS.

Tubes of watercolor paint:  Use only professional grade paints such as Cheap Joe’s American Journey, Richeson, Quiller, Winsor-Newton, Da Vinci, Holbein, Rembrandt, etc.  Cotman and Grumbacher Academy paints are student grade and won’t provide the tra nsparency you’re looking for.  Buy good quality paints and paper and your product will be first rate! If you already own watercolors, bring what you have and you can fill in later. Please try to have the bold, underlined colors. Feel free to use professional grade pan colors, too.

Bumblebee Yellow American Journey
Aureolin Yellow
Quinacridone Gold
Burnt Sienna
Quiller Quinacridone Rose
Red Hot Mama American Journey, or a medium red
Permanent Alizarin Crimson
Quiller Manganese Violet
American Journey Joe’s Blue
Quiller Ultramarine Blue
Cobalt Blue
Quiller Cerulean Blue
Manganese Blue
Perylene Green
Viridian Green
Skip’s Green, American Journey
Andrew’s Turquoise, American Journey
Raw Umber Violet

Above is the Regular Supply list for Suggested
Basic Equipment.
Below is how you would adjust the list for Plein Aire Painting:

Watercolor Paper (Arches or Artistico): A smaller block (16 x 20 or less) or paper taped to a smaller board that you can easily carry.

Water in a jug, portable water container, paper towels, small spray bottle

Watercolor brushes in a very small brush container: I usually carry a good #10 or 12 round, one fine round brush, one 1” flat and a 2” wash brush.

Pre-filled palette: some folks like the possum palette with lids for paints or a travel pan palette. Bring additional colors of your choice. I use my regular palette, but I also have a small 4" x 9" travel palette.

Camera: I sketch and take photos immediately on site in case I must leave the location.

Optional but necessary sometimes: sun hat, sun block, bug spray, umbrella (sun and/or rain), folding chair or stool, roll cart for supplies or backpack or bag, lunch, snacks, plenty to drink.

Pack lightly and take only what you must have to be comfortable and productive.

Patience and a sense of humor.

As always, I encourage students to bring in their own watercolor supplies. Never feel compelled to make purchases if you can use supplies that you've already purchased.

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