Acrylic Painting
with Linda Hendrickson

300 lb. Watercolor paper-- 1 sheet.
If you prefer, you can use Frederix red label gallery wrap canvases 12X 12" ---probably 4-6 canvases.

Masterson Sta-Wet Palette with the yellow lid (sponge and palette paper included)

Water Container, Water Spritz Bottle (small)

  Golden (G) or Liquitex (L) Tube (heavy body) acrylics: 2 oz.          
(L) Hansa Yellow Medium           
Yellow Orange Azo                       
Napthol Red Light           
(G) Quinacridone Magenta           
Pthalo Blue Green shade           
Green Gold                       
(L) Dioxazine Purple                       
Zinc or Mixing White
Titanium White
Turquois Phthalo
Pyrol Orange
(L) Vivid Lime Green

Optional Paints: (only if you are sure you love acrylics)
(A=Acryla Holbein)
Luminous Violet
Luminous Rose
Luminous Opera
Luminous Orange
flat brushes in size 6 & 8 (my favorite Isabey Isacryl Seies 6582 or Princeton Series 6300),
Round # 2 & 6 (my favorite are Isabey Isacryl Series 6512)

Sketchbook pen and pencil

Paper towels, apron (acrylics are permanent once they dry—some are staining from the beginning)

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