Intro to Encaustic Painting Workshop
with Karen Eide

All paint, brushes, and mediums are provided.
6 substrate boards are provided [your painting surface] approx. 6” x 6”. IF you think you will need more you are welcome to bring pieces of mat board, wood or masonite panels – NO BIGGER THAN 8 x 8.

- Reference materials or previous work you want to continue to experiment with  such as monotypes, etchings, drawings, photos, watercolors, stencils etc. Glue if any of these are on heavyweight paper or glossy photo paper.
- Watercolors [and brushes], pastels, oil pastels, oil sticks.
- Collage material: paper, fabric, found objects etc.
-Scraping tools like palette knives, single edge razor blades, window and paint scrapers, small plexiglass pieces, spatulas, pottery tools, dental tools, incising tools, nails.
-Pictures of work that has an encaustic style you may want to emulate.

The recommended book is by Joanne Mattera called the Art of Encaustic. Purchase is optional and not necessary before the workshop - but if you think you’ll want to delve into encaustic this is the “bible”. I have a copy for you to peruse during the workshop if you’d like to see before you decide to buy or not.

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