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This Workshop is not
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Introduction to Digital Video Photography and Editing
with Tom Ramsay (TBA)

Introductory Level
Introduction to Digital Video
Photography and Editing


Tom Ramsay

Dates and Times:
Sundays, 1:30 - 4:30 pm

Next Session: Not currently scheduled.

Cost: TBA
(5) 3-hour classes

If you have a camera with video recording capabilities, this course is designed for you, whether you want to capture travel and adventure scenes, home and property scenes for your work as a real estate agent, or improved sequences of memorable family events.
Instructor and award-winning cinematographer, director, and producer Tom Ramsay (who studied under Hollywood cinematographer and Oscar-winner, Vilmos Zsigmond) is bringing his years of experience to this unique ArtSquare workshop.
The course is intended to empower students to translate their still photography skills to those needed to make interesting and effective video productions through hands-on shooting, editing, and team projects.
Video recording topics covered in the workshop include:
• Cameras, lenses, video formats
• Camera movements in time - pans, tilts, zooms,
• Image stabilization, tripods, dollies, video from moving vehicles
• The five C’s of cinematography/videography Camera angles, continuity, composition,  close-ups, and cutting
• Directing and staging vs. cinéma vérité
• Story telling - the storyboard
• Travel and documentary techniques
Video editing and publishing topics include:
• Combining still and motion digital files
• Video editing software
• Editing the video - pacing, music, sound effects, transitions
• Issues in exporting the video for publishing
• Video formats - DVD and Blu-Ray; iPhone and iPad streaming
Bring to the first class: Digital camera with video capabilities, charged battery, and memory card. Requirements: A camera with video capabilities, camera manual, tripod, and a working knowledge of photography and cameras. 

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